Alex G.

There was a blonde, a redhead, and a brunnete. The all had been captured by the police for committing murder. Since they had police records a mile long, they would pay for their crimes by being executed. So they go into a slaughter-house, waiting for the moment. The brunnete girl, who we shall call Jane, was going to be shot first. The executioner aimed at her head and said,"Any last words?" Jane replied,"Tornado!" The executioner turned abrubtly to see the tornado, Jane got away while he wasn't looking. The Redhead went next. The execution aimed, and said,"so, any last words?""Hurricane!" The executioner was distracted, and the redhead got away. The blonde went next. The executioner aimed, and said,"any last words?" The blonde replied,"Fire!" The brunnete and the redhead escaped, they went to their sister's for help. The redhead's sister was blonde. She also was escaping from the police. The police chased them to a barn, where all three of them hid in sacks. A policeman kicks the brunnetes sack. The brunnete went,"woof woof" "oh its just a dog", the policeman said. The same policeman kicks the second sack with the redhead in it. "meow meow!" "oh its just a cat", the policeman said. Then that same policeman kicks the third sack, hoping to find someone. The blonde in the sack said,"Potatoe, Potatoe"

funniness: 6.00