suzy b.

One day sam went to school and at lunch time he had realised he had forgot his lunch so he asked the teacher if he could run home and get some lunch. The teacher allowed him. Sam arrived at his house to find that no-one was home. so sam started to walk back to school when he came across a bird that was dead. So sam picked out the birds eyes and put them in in lunchbox and continued on walking. Sam then was passing the local fish market and saw a fish picked it up and put it in his lunchbox. He then was walking past the cemetry and saw an open casket. he looked in to find a dead body so he got his sissors out of his bag and cut the fingers off and put them in his lunch box. He finally got to school and the taecher asked him wat he had for lunch Sam replied "Birds eye fish fingers"

funniness: 1.40

rating: PG