Tomo T.

One fine day, the president of the United States gave the Senate a suprise visit, bringing with him a teenage boy with a trombone. When the president arrived along with the boy, he began to state his reasons for coming. "You know," he started, "I read this really interesting article that says smart people are naturally musically inclined. I wanted to test that. And seeing you all are smart people, I'm going to use you." "What I want you to do," the president continued, "is identify the instrument that this boy has in his hands." The boy held up his trombone so everyone could take a look at it. The room was silent for a full five minutes. Then, one senator stood up nervously and said "I think it's a saxophone." Another across the room stood up soon after this. "No...I think it's a bassoon." A senator nearby this one stood up angrily. "This is truly pathetic!" he said loudly. "You know why? Because I know that the instrument is most definately a trumpet!" The president and the boy just shook their head in amazement. All of a sudden, three senators from the Republican side of the senate stood. There were two males and one female, who began to speak. "Guess what? Our son," at this, she motions to the three of them, "is already a Democrat! See?" She brings out a small baby who prompty yells "Go Democrats!" MORAL: Two wrongs don't make a right, but three rights make a left.

funniness: 2.20

rating: PG