JoKeR D.

This one 1st grader went to school one day and the teacher asked him "What is 1=1?". He said "I don't know". The teacher told him to go home and think about it so he went home and thought about it. He asked his mom "What's 1=1?" She replied"Shut up I'm on the phone!!!" so he went to go ask his brother,his brother said "nununu batman". He goes asks his dad his dad said "49...49...49".So he goes to his grandpa and his grandpa says "I'v been livin'on the railroad!!" So the next day he goes to school and the teacher asked him "what's 1=1?" He said "Shut up I'm on the phone.The teacher asks "Who do you think your talking to?" He replys "nununu batman".He gets sent to the principals office and the principal asks him how many detentions he wants and he says "49...49...49".So the principal asks him were he lives and he says "I've been livin' on the railraod"!!

funniness: 2.25