Kobi M.

One day, Billy and Ron were playing soccer. Billy kicked the ball and scored a goal. Ron, angry that Billy scored, said, "Son of a bitch...". Later that day, Billy asked his mom: "Mom, what does sonofabitch mean?". His mom couldn't think of what to say, but decided to tell him that it means "ladies and gentlemen." The day after, Billy and Ron played soccer again, and Billy scored once more. Ron, madder than ever, yelled, "Fuck!". Billy, ever curious, asked his mom later that day: "Mom, what does fuck mean?" His mom, embarrassed again by the question, answered: "Well Billy, it means "clean". The day after, Billy and Ron yet again were playing soccer, and, as usual, Billy scored a goal. Ron, so angry that he became red, screamed out, "YOU DICK!". Billy was intrigued by this word, and asked him mom later: "Mom, what does dick mean?" His mother, who was getting used to these awkward questions, answered: "It means shirt, sweetie." Later that day, some family members came to Billy's house for a reunion. Billy answered the door, gave everybody a kiss, and said: "Hello, sonofabitches! Please fuck your shoes on the doormat. If you want to see my mom, she's in the living room drying daddy's dick."

funniness: 5.17

rating: R