luis p.

There was a girlfriend and a boyfriend on a roadtrip. The girlfriend had to bring her little brother with her They stopped at a motel to rest for the night. They didn't have enough money for a big room so they got one room with a buckbed.The girlfriend asked her little brother if he wanted to sleep on the bottom or on the top. He told her the bottom cause he was scared of falling from the top. So in the night the girlfriend and the boyfriend decide to get busy. they're on the top of the bed so they don't wanna make it obious to her little brother what they're doing. The boyfriend tells her if you want it slower say solomi, if you want it faster say lettece, and if you want it harder say tomatto. So the she's like solomi,solomi,lettece,lettece,tomato,tomato. Her little brother says canyou guys stop making a sandwich?Your dropping the mayonise all over me.

funniness: 6.00

rating: R