Kat S.

Three French men die and go to heaven. At Heaven's pearly gates, they meet St. Peter, who proceeds to tell them since Heaven is full, all three need to answer one question correctly about their faith. He turns to the first man and asks, "What's the meaning of Easter?" The frenchman replies, "Oui, je sais (I know). Ze meaning of Easter is vhen ze family gathers around ze table and eats turkey and is very thankful for ze past year." St. Peters shakes his head, "No, that's Thanksgiving." And the frenchmen is sent to Hell. He asks the same question to the next frenchman. He replies, "Ze meaning of Easter is vhen you have ze tree and hang ze stockings by ze fire and a big fat man comes down the chimney to make all ze children happy." St. Peter sighs and says, "That's Christmas." And the second frenchman is sent to Hell. He Turns to the third frenchman. "Ahh, oui. Je sais, je sais. I have studied all my life for zis question! Ze meaning of Easter is vhen Christ died." And St. Peter nods. "Yes, that's roughly it. Could you elaborate on that a bit more?" And the third frenchman says, "And on the ze third day, He came out of his cave, saw his shadow, and zhere was six more weeks of winter!"

funniness: 4.60

rating: PG