alyssa t.

There was a German man on his way to go to college in the United States who didn't know the American language. He went to a reastraunt and learned the words, forks and knives. He then went to a candy store where the owner of the store was giving out free candy asking who wanted some and the kids were all crying, "me! me!" So the man learned the word me. He got home and watched a commercial saying, "Plug it in! Plug it in! Plug it in!" So he learned those words. On his way to college he saw a dead man lying next to the road. He called 911 and told him it was an emerjency. The cops couldn't understand him, but they went to the place he was calling him, just to make sure everything was allright. The cops wanted to ask the man a few questions. One of them asked, "Who killed this man?" The german man replied, "me! me!" Another cop asked, what did you kill him with? Forkes and Knives! The other one said, I'm afraid we'll have to make you go in the electric chair. The man replied, "Plug it in! Plug it in! Plug it in!"

funniness: 3.13

rating: PG