katie t.

a little boy was stareing out the window, bored as ever because it was raining. his mom was cleaning and sees that he is bored.she yells to her son "hey son, come here, i wanna tell you somethin'" the boy, excited to do something but stare at the rain hops of the seat and runs over to his mom. "what mom?" he asked her "i want to tell you some storys of when i was a lumberjack" his mom said. he thinks for a second "ok" he said. so for about a hour his mom tells him exciting storys of being a lumberjack. later that day the boy was telling his dad about his mom being a lumberjack. "who in the world told you those folktales?" his dad said, scratching his head. "mommy told me dad, and there not folktales" "oh" his dad said laughing. "let me ask you somethin'" was the chainsaw she used to cut down those big trees big and black?" "yah!" the boy said excitedly. "and from picking up the chainsaw did she get big and strong?" "yah!" the little boy said excitedly once again. "and did that chainsaw carry a lot of oil it was so big?" the dad said. "YAH!" the little boy said excitedly. "son, his dad said, that 'chainsaw story' is a big myth, my daddy told it to me when i was younger." the little boy ran to his room crying and the dad went to his chair and fell asleep when the dad woke up an hour later the little boy was leaning over the dads chair laughing. "'s so funny?" his dad said. the little boy said "your a whimp." the dad rose in his chair angry now. "why did you say that?" "because" the little boy said. "mommy said that when her and your daddy used to whack your trees down with their chainsaws you would cry."

funniness: 3.30

rating: PG