Kobi M.

A long time ago, three women, a brunette, a redhead, and a blond, went walking together. There was a hill close by, and they agreed to go over and have a picnic on it. Once they got to the top, they stopped and started to get their food out. Suddenly, a witch appeared next to them and said, "I will let each of you tell me what you think of yourselves. If it's true, you will get one wish. If it's false, you will disappear." So the brunette, who was very fat, said, "I think I'm the skinniest woman on the planet.", and disappeared. The redhead, who had crooked teeth, said, "I think that my teeth are the straightest in the world.", and dissapeared. Finally, the blond said "I think" and disappeared.

funniness: 4.94

rating: PG