Henry G.

3 turtles were going to have a picnic, so mike packed 3 sandwiches and 3 bottles of beer. When Mike, Larry and Mark leave it takes them ten days to get to the picnic site, because it is ten miles away. When they finally get there they get out their bottles of beer and realise they forgot the bottle opener. They ask Larry to go get it, but he says they will have eaten the sandwiches, before he gets back. But after a lot of reassurring him they wouldn't eat the sandwiches. Larry said O.k. 20 days pass and Larry isn't back, and the turtles are starving, but a promise is a promise, so they don't, eat the sandwiches. 25 days pass and the turtles are starving, so they get their sandwiches and just before they put it in their mouth. Larry jumps out from behind a rock and said, I knew it, I'm not f***ing goin.

funniness: 6.38

rating: PG