Henry G.

A 40 year old man has grey hair, so he gets a black tupay and thinks he looks younger. The next day he goes to the news agents, to buy a newspaper and asks the guy at the counter, how old do you think i am? The counter guy says 32. The man says NO i'm 40 thats great Later on the man goes to the chip shop and orders medium chips and says to the server while your at it how old do you think i am? I don't know, 34, guesses the man whilst giving him his chips. No i'm 40 this is excellent. Says the 40 year old man. Later on at the bus stop, whilst waiting for a bus, the man asks the old lady sitting next to him. How old do you think i am? The old lady says, i'll have to feel your winky first. The man says O.k. a little unsure. So the man pulls down his trousers and pants and the lady has a feel. She makes loud sexual noises, and eventually she says your 40. That's incredible how did you know that? I was standing behind you in the chip shop.

funniness: 6.00

rating: R