blake s.

A man walks into a bar and orders a pint. He takes a sip, then tosses the rest into the bartenders face. Before the bartender can compose himself, the man starts crying. "I'm soory," he sobs. "I'm so sorry. I keep doing that in every bar i go. I can't tell you how embarrassing it is to have a compulsion like this." Just short of being angry, the bartender feels sypathetic. " Maybe i can help you out," he says. "One of our regulars, Dr. Bender, is a psychoanalyst. I've recommended a lot of people to him, and hes really helped them with thier problems." The man writes down the number, thanks the bartender, and leaves. Six months later, the same man walks back into the bar. "How's it going?" the bartender asks, as he serves up a beer. "Everything great. I've been seeing Dr. Bender twice a week," he says proudly. He takes a sip of the beer, then throws the rest of the mug in the bartenders face. "Those doctor visits don't seem to be doing you any good," the bartender sputters as he whipes off his face. "On the contrary," the man claimed, "hes done me a world of good." "What are you talking about?" the bartender yells, obviosly getting very aggravated. "Tou threw a drink in my face again!" the bartender exclaimed. "Yeah," the man says, "but it doesn't embarrass me anymore."

funniness: 3.80

rating: PG