David S.

1) Begin a book fight! 2) At lunch, begin a food fight! 3) When someone calls on you, say, "Uhhhhh..." for the rest of the period. 4) If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, make out with them when the teacher isn't looking. 5) If the teacher notices, say you were practicing CPR. 6) If you get sent to the office for doing that, use the same escuse from number 5. 7) When your in science, ask weird question like why pee is yellow and stuff like that. 8) If you're in Free Period, run around in your underwear screaming, "I'm Captain Underpants!" If your a girl then scream, "I'm Wonder Woman!" 9) Brake a few rules. Like bring a fake gun and pretend that your a bank robber! 10) If you get caught, then say, "That was an early April fools joke!" 11) At lunch, sneak out to a Mc Donalds! 12) In history, ask if God made that famous person.

funniness: 2.93

rating: PG