Storm M.

One day, in a small town, there was a nice mentally retarded fellow named Ed. He was not bright, and spoke with a lisp. In the small town there was a pharmacy, were everyone went to get their everyday things. People like Ed, but sometimes they would mess with him, take advantage of him. This is were the story begins. On a very hot day Ed, walked into the pharmacy, and said, "Hello Mider Fahmadist'." The Pharmacist said hello back. "I wad wundering if you coud tell me the toothpaste I need." "Well sure Ed," the pharmacist replied, but because of being cramped up in the pharmacy all day, he wanted to have a little fun and decided to mess with Ed. "What kind of toothbrush do you have?" Ed stood there for a moment the said, "I don't know." The Pharmacist then said, "Well walk back home and find out." This was the part that was bad for Ed, because he lived on the other side of town, but didn't know any different. "O.K. Mider Fahmadist'. I do that." So he takes off to his house in the hot weather, leaving behind a chuckling pharmacists. Soon after Ed returned and said to the pharmacist, "Mider Fahmadist' I have a Koolgot toothbus, what tooth'aste do I get." "Well Ed you need to get Colgate toothpaste." Ed buys, and leaves saying, 'Gud Bye Mider Fahmadist!" Later in the Ed comes back this time saying, "Mider Fahmadist, I need Raza Bladdes. What should I get?" "Well what kind of Razor do you have?" "I dont know?' "Go home and find out." Again Ed leaves leaving behind a laughing Pharmacist. Later, Ed returns in even hotter weather. "Mider Phamadist'. I got Gilet raza. What kinda raza bladdes I get." "You need to some Gillette Razor Blades the Ed." "'Anks Mider Fahmadist'!" Ed says as he leaves with his razor blades. Now even later in the day. Ed comes back in scorching weather. The pharmacist sees him and thinks,I'm gonna get him again. "What can I get for you now Ed." But Ed doesn't say anything. Instead he has a brown paper bag with him. "Mider Fahmadist',you do me a favor?" "Well sure Ed, what is it?" "Can you put you fingers in this bag and tell me what it is." The Pharmacist does so. And Ed says, "Mider Fahmadist' can you tell me awhat kinda toletpaper Ies Need?" ENJOY!

funniness: 6.16

rating: PG