Kortney R.

There was a man that had 1 starving wife, and 1 starving child. The man had to go over a bridge that only held 267 lbs. When he got to the other side he went to the market and bought 3 coconuts. 1 for himself, 1 for his wife, and 1 for his child. Each coconut weighed 3 lbs. So when the man got back to the bridge he did the math and found a problem. If he took all the coconuts and his 260 lb self across the bridge, it would SURELY collapse. How did he get all the coconuts and himself across the bridge? (If he took them one at a time then either his wife or child would starve to death) * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * He juggled the coconuts, that way there was always 1 in the air.

funniness: 3.50

rating: PG