David S.

1. When someone asks you something, ask, "Can I have a hint? 2. If this is a phone meeting, then just put the phone a side and 5 minuets before the meeting ends, say, "I'm sorry. Can you repeat that again?" 3. When the meeting starts, sleep durring it and say the same thing from number 2. 4. Ask if you go to the bathroom every 5 minuets. 5. Fart every 20 minuets and say, "Wasn't me." 6. Change the topic every 50 seconds. 7. Talk to your self the whole time. 8. Swat invisble flys. 9. Dance on the table everytime someone asks you something. 10. Once the metting starts play the silent game.

funniness: 4.18

rating: PG