Wicked J.

This could get you in trouble... The following is immoral, stupid, possibly illegal, and perhaps dangerous. Oh, and its likely to piss some people off as well. But it is fun to think about though. //==============================================// Call 911, tell ''em its an emergency, you're hungry and try to order a pizza. Try to commandeer a police car. Buy a T-Shirt that says, "Ask me how your wife was." Answer your phone, "What the fuck do you want!?" Call AT&T and ask for rates of three of their competitors. If you manage to get the rates for three of AT&Ts competitors, say, "I can top that" then hang up. If you're in a place and some GUYS cell phone rings, blurt out, "Tell your wife I'M unavailable!" Answer your phone "Who's your daddy!?" Try to buy drugs from a police officer. Next time some one says, "You bet your ass." Tell 'em you don't swing that way Get a gas can, wash it out really REALLY good, poke a small hole in the bottom of the can so it will leak. Next Get a really big cigar, light it, fill the gas can with water and walk down the street with a lit cigar and a gas can leaking. Hold the cigar in the same hand as the gas can. If your really bored and have a lot of money you don't need (I could use it!) try to sue Microsoft. Dress up like a shark and drive around the beach in a jeep. Buy some condoms and ask the pharmacist if his/her daughter is home. Super glue some ones car door shut. Try to sell some one else's car that is parked on the side of the street. Next time you over hear a conversation and you hear any foul language, say "Watch your fucking mouth, asshole! the fucking nerve of some people, Jesus fucking Christ! I've never heard so much fucking profanity in my fucking life, SHIT!" Sing out loud, Yankee doodle dandy, but change the lyrics to, "Yank my noodle, Sandy" Stare at someone until they look back at you. Ask 'em, "What the fuck are you looking at?" Wipe your ass with a dollar bill then toss it out onto a busy side walk. Watch the fun! Tell all the people on the sales floor of your local K-mart or what ever, that their vacuums suck.

funniness: 7.44

rating: R