David A.

It was one evening in a pub and after guzzling down six beers, the man wanted to go home, when he realized he had no money. So he tried to sneak out when the blond barman said, "Uhm... will you pay for your drinks please?" The man replied, "I paid you remember?" "OK then," the blond bartender replied, "If you said you paid me then you must have paid me." So the man, fair chuffed with what had happened walked down the street and saw his mate going towards the very same pub. "You going the pub?" the man asked. "yeah!" his mate replied. "Well you can get free beers. If he asks you to pay just say you've already paid." So he did, and got away with it. So he told his mate who was a tramp and would lick the ground for a little food. He had no money and could never afford a beer. So in went the tramp and ordered a beer. The bartender said, "You know what? Two people have got away with free pints tonight and the next person that tries it on will get their ass kicked out of the pub." The tramp replied, "No time to listen! Just pass me my change and I'll drink this and be on my way." "How much change was it again?"

funniness: 7.19

rating: PG