Lance F.

A blonde just got a job as an assistant secretary at a major law firm. She was to stay by the secretary and learn all she needed to know. The one problem was that this blonde constantly sucked her thumb. After a few days the boss decides to give the blonde a ten dollar raise. The lawyer than proceeds to ask the secretary how the blonde is doing. The secretary said to her boss, "She's doing terrible! She's the stupidest thing I've ever seen. And she's always sucking her thumb! It pisses me off!" The lawyer smiles and disregards the message and tells her to give it another try. After a few more days the blonde does even worse than before; she's destroyed half of the law firms cases and broke down three computers. The secretary gets fed up and looks at the blonde (who's still sucking her thumb) and says, "WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU SO STUPID!?" "I dunno." muffles the blonde. "AND WHY DO YOU KEEP SUCKING YOUR THUMB!?" "Boss told me to." "WHY!?" The blonde looks at the secretary and replies, "Practice Makes Perfect!"

funniness: 7.26

rating: R