Dan H.

Many years ago, this man decided to go to a masked orgy with the knowledge that his wife would probably be out of town. Having not been to one since his bachelor party many years ago, he was excited and nervous. He eventually dressed as a knight, and arrived with high hopes. When the man arrived, he saw that he was the only one dressed as anything like what he was, so he was naturally embarassed. However, the women were all over him, thinking that his costume was so cute. One woman in particular was hanging around him. Dressed in a raccoon costume, an old fetish of his for fur attracted him to her. "I hope you don't mind my costume," she said. "Don't worry, I have a thing for fur," replied the man. "Do you want to go to bed?" he added. The woman said, "Yep, my husband doesn't need to know about this." To this, the man said, "Yeah, I cheat on my wife all the time, and ignorance is bliss." The two people went into a back room and started going at it in their costumes. They then went their separate ways for awhile and enjoyed the party. Two hours later, the man approached the woman. "I had so much fun tonight... do you want to do it again sometime?" he asked. "Of course!" replied the excited woman, "here's my phone number... be careful about my husband." She proceeded to give him his phone number. The man bit his lip. "That can't be. That's MY phone number. Unless... HOLY SHIT, YOU'RE MY WIFE!"

funniness: 7.35

rating: R