Adam S.

An Indian walks into a shop and asks the shopkeeper for some toilet paper. "What brand do you want?" says the shopkeeper. "What brands do you have?" "Well, we have Kleenex," says the shopkeeper. "How much is that?" asks the Indian. "$2.00 a roll." "That's too expensive," says the Indian. "Well, we have Wondersoft, that's $1.40 a roll." "That's still too expensive," replies the Indian. "The last one we have, then, is the no-name brand. It's $0.20 a roll." "That's perfect," says the Indian, "I'll take it." The next day the Indian comes back into the store and says to the shopkeeper, "I know the name of the no-name brand." "What?! How do you know the name of the no-name brand?" says the shopkeeper. "It's John Wayne," says the Indian. "How do you figure that?" asks the shopkeeper. "Well," says the Indian, "it's rough and it's tough and it don't take no shit from no Indian."

funniness: 6.41

rating: PG