Scotty S.

A bloke gets pulled up for speeding. Being about 10 Km's over the speed limit, the cop announces that the guy will be fined $200. Naturally, the bloke isn't very happy. "What if I got outta this car and beat the shit out of you? What would happen to me?" he said. The police officer explained that such an action is called "Assaulting a police officer" and could result in imprisonment. "Okay then," says the bloke, "What if I call you a cunt?" The cop then explains that this action is called "Insulting a police officer" and results in a hefty fine. "Right" says the bloke, "What about if I think you're a cunt?" The officer explains that thinking is not against the law, and freedom of thought permitted anyone to think anything they liked. The bloke thought for a minute and said, "Well I think you're a cunt!"

funniness: 5.94

rating: R