Wrench O.

There was once this boy called Diepe who was always getting into trouble, for harrassing the girls in his class. He had managed to have his way with all of them, and was looking for a new challenge when he realized that no-one in his class had ever fucked the teacher. He happened to know that every lunchtime she would go to her car and drink large amounts of whiskey from a flask, and that this was against school rules. If anyone told on her to the Principal, she would get the sack. So one day when he was in detention with her, he said, "Miss Smith, I know that you drink whiskey every lunch. I'll tell the principal if you don't take off your clothes for me." Naturally, she didn't want to, but she really needed her job, so she did what he asked. "Ok, now lie down on the table." She replied "Diepe, I really don't want to and I'll ring your mother if you don't stop this right now." "Well if you do that, I'll tell the principal about your drinking." So very reluctantly, she lay down on the table. He started to fuck her, and about 10 minutes later he heard his mom at the door. "Diepe!" she yelled, "Diepe!" He replied, "I can't mom, it's in as deep as it'll go!"

funniness: 6.36

rating: R