Lexi J.

Little Johnny was a very good student in school. He always got good grades, and was very polite. But one day, little Johnny had a change of mind. It was a cold Fall morning. As usual, Johnny and his friends were goofing around at school in their class. They were making funny faces, and those unpleasant noises. The teacher didn't like their little ideas, so she said, "Johnny, boys, stop messing around!" And they still messed around. "Boys! Stop!" And they continued making faces and goofing off. "BOYS!!" she said. "Yes, teacher?" they all said. "You mustn't make those faces. Your faces may stick that way." They sit there for a minute, with puzzled looks on their faces. After a minute or two, little Johnny said, "I guess you've learned that lesson the hard way, huh teacher?"

funniness: 6.37

rating: PG