T H.

1. Give your brother or sister a haircut. 2. Use all the hot water in the shower. 3. Slurp your dinner. 4. When your dinner arrives, hold your nose and say, "Eww, what smells?!" 5. Blow bubbles in your milk. 6. Take one look at your plate and say "Im not hungry". Later, ask for ice cream. 7. Sell your toys. 8. Sell your brother's or sister's toys. 9. Sell your brother or sister. 10. Don't comb your hair. 11. Say "Huh" alot. 12. Say to your mom, "My teacher's almost as old as you!" 13. Call your mom babe, toots, or chick. 14. Call your dad mac, buster, or by his first name. 15. Repeat everything they say. 16. Record weird messages on the answering machine. 17. Bring bugs into the house. Big ones. 18. Offer to count or pull out their gray hairs. 19. Take the school rat home for the weekend. 20. Hit the newspaper when their reading it. 21. On a trip say, "I have to go to the bathroom" every ten minutes. 22. Alternate number 21 with "Are we there yet?" 23. Use all the toilet paper and dont put on a new roll. 24. Wait until your mom's in the shower, then bang on the door and shout, "it's an emergency!" (Extra points if you're not there when she finally climbs out to open the door!) 25. Make goofy faces during the family holiday photo.

funniness: 5.70

rating: G