Kami K.

A young nun joined a church to serve God. She was very religious and very good. It all happened one day, she suddenly had this desire to have sex. She knew it's wrong but she couldn't help it. Confused, she consulted with an elder nun for solution. The old nun handed her a gun and said, "My young one, in this sort of situation, you can go somewhere, where nobody can find you, and fire a blank shot from the gun. It'll ease your desire." The Young Nun didn't believe it, but she thought, what could be worse? So she found herself a place and shot the gun. Mysteriously, the desire had vanished. The young nun thanked the Old nun. Days after days, week after weeks, the desire started to grow stronger and stronger. The young nun started to fire the gun more and more. She couldn't help it. Disturbed, she wondered why the old nun seemed to have no sexual desire or whatsoever. She decided to investigate. One afternoon after lunch, the young nun followed the old nun until she went back to her room. After hours of waiting, the old nun came out with a huge backpack, sneaking out the church. The curious young nun followed her. The old nun stopped at the tip of the hill behind the church. The young nun hid behind a bush and observed. To her horror, the old nun grabbed two assault rifles from the pack, and started firing, with a grenade launcher ready at hand.

funniness: 6.09

rating: R