Yellow F.

10. Like is, like, the most commonly used word in your vocabulary. 9. "Metal Mouth" and "Tinsel Teeth" have replaced your real name. 8. You fight with your hair every morning . . . and you lose! 7. Your parents have never heard of your favorite rock group. 6. Even your zits have zits! 5. It's not safe to say the word "mall" around you. 4. Let's just say . . . sometimes you don't smell too good. 3. You've gone from "A". . . to "B" . . . to "C" . . . cup! 2. If you have to speak in front of your class, you care more about what you're wearing than what you're going to say. And finally, the number ONE sign you're becoming a teenager is... 1. If someone at your house is PMSing, it's not always your mom!

funniness: 6.41

rating: PG