David T.

A monk was walking along the road when he met a prostitute. She explained that for $5 he could have the best sex ever. The monk quickly agreed and she told him to meet her at 6:30 and gave him her address. Not 5 minutes latter a priest is stopped by the girl. Again she explains that for $5 he can have what he wants. The priest looks around and then says yes. She tells him her address and to be there at 6:30. Just as the priest disappeared around the corner Jesus walked by. Once again the prostitute barred his path. Jesus couldn't believe his luck, $5! He accepted her offer and hurried on. At 6:30 that evening the monk, the priest and Jesus all met up on the front doorstep of the prostitue's house. At first they were a little confused but they decided to have a good time together. The prostitiue let them in and led them to her bedroom where they started stripping and fondling each other. Just at that moment they heard a key in the lock. "Shit! It's my husband!" the prostitue crys, "Hide!" The priest grabs his clothes and and dives under the bed. The monk grabs his cowl and jumps in the wardrobe. And Jesus climbs on top of the wardrobe and lies down. The husband comes in, grabs his wife and throws her to the floor. "I know they're in here, you slut!" he screams and he procedes to search the room. In two seconds he sees the priest's foot sticking from beneath the bed. The enraged husband hauls him out and beats the crap out of him. Jesus and the Monk cower in their hiding places as they watch the priest being brutally assualted. After the husband has thrown the priest out he looks around again, spotting the wardrobe slightly ajar. He walks over and wrenches it open. The monk falls out onto the floor and just as the husband is about to lay the boot in he cries out, "Oh Jesus up above come down and save me!" Jesus sticks his head over the edge of the cupboard and says, "Why the fucking hell did you tell him where I was?!"

funniness: 5.20

rating: R