Erin S.

The husband arrives home early from work one evening to see his wife on the floor scrubbing the kitchen tiles. Her tantalizing rear is shaking and she is only wearing a mini skirt and a pair of white cotton knickers. Because she is bent over, her panties are showing out the bottom of her skirt. The husband also notices that her panties have a little wet spot, meaning she is ready for him He tip toes over to her and she is completely unaware of his presence. He pulls down her panties and begins to lick up her juices. She is groaning and moaning and shaking her rear at him. He gets a hard on and decides to fuck her right then and there. he whips out his cock and proceeds to fuck her like he never has before. It went on for hours. When he was finished, he clipped her over the ear. She looked stunned, turned to him and said "What was that for?" He replied, "That was for not turning around to see who it was!"

funniness: 7.29

rating: R