David A.

A ship is cruising from Kona (in Hawaii) to Goa. The ship is called the Mangrove KONA hence where it sets off from. The ship was run by the main ship company, Kenard. The ship also contains 1000 cars from the passengers on board and some of the staff. I don't know whether you know but from Kona to Goa is a pretty long way and they had to refuel. They planned to stop off at Bristol but when 10 minutes away from the port they realised it was closed for the day so they decided to go up the British coast and stop at Liverpool. It was a pretty hot day so the monsieur (in charge of the ship) got out for a ride in his Porsche Boxster. He was driving around whilst the ship was refilling and decided it was time for him to have a refill. How silly was it to forget to put petrol in his car? He pulls into a Scouse petrol station and says, "will you please put some petrol in and give it a clean." Now I don't know whether you know this either but scousers talk like this "alrite whak!" and include a lot of slang. The scouser says, "yeh, a course. twenty quid, tat a'right." The monsieur says "yes." The scouser says "nice car tis. gotta good job? footballin' maybe." The monsieur says "I work on a ship. I'm a monsieur. I work for Kenard." The scouser says "ya wah? ya think I don't? I work fuckin' hard aswell but I don't have a car like that." ----------------------------------------------------------------- PS please don't rate this if you don't understand scouse, what it is or how it works! Cheers!

funniness: 5.94

rating: PG