stan c.

One day, a Mayflower truck driver was driving down the road and getting rather tired. With still 200 miles to go and the coffee running out, he needed something to keep him awake. Seeing a hitchhiker on the side of the road, he thought the conversation would be a stimulant. He picked up the hitchhiker, drove down the road for about 15 minutes when the hitchhiker pull out a gun and said "stop the truck". The truck driver got out with the hitchhiker and was then informed that they were going for a walk. They walked about 1 mile into the woods when the hitchhiker ordered the truck driver to take off all of his clothes. Once undressed, the truck driver was hog-tied and the hitchhiker grabbed his clothes, ran back to the truck and took off. The poor truck driver was laying there, buck naked and hog-tied, when he began to slither back out to the highway. After 4 hours of crawling through cactus and fire ants, scraped and sore, the truck driver finally made it to the highway. It was getting dark outside, but a Red Ball truck driver saw the Mayflower driver on the side of the road and pulled his truck over. He got out and inquired, "WHAT happened to you"? The Mayflower truck driver said "I'm a truck driver too, and I picked up a hitchhiker who stole my truck, took my clothes, hog-tied me in the woods and I just managed to get back out here to the highway. At this point, the Red Ball truck driver started to pull down his pants and said "Today is just not your day, is it?"

funniness: 6.44

rating: R