Robert F.

A fugitive was running from the police. He was hiding in the house of his ex-girlfriend, and they just had a "wonderful time." Suddenly, a knock is heard on the door. "Police, open!!!" The man hides on top of large rafters along the living room ceiling. However, his abnormally large balls hang down into sight. The woman opens the door and the police burst in, search the house head to foot, but find nothing. One of the cops notices the balls, and asks what the hell those are. "Chinese temple bells," the woman answers. "I've always wanted to hear the tingling sound of Chinese temple bells," replied the cop. He gives them a great bang with his club. No sound. Again, he bangs them, but nothing. Puzzled, he whacks them as hard as he can, and there is a loud scream from above, "Tingling, you son of a bitch!!"

funniness: 7.10

rating: PG-13