Rob B.

Welcome to the guide of Constructive Cussing! We will show you how to cuss constructivly. And let you know the meanings and examples of words. Frankly I think the most popular word is "FUCK." It can be used many ways but heres the propor definition so you can show all your friends you know your vocabulary! Fuck (F-uh-k) Verb. To fuck or have sexual intercourse with. EX. I was fucking my girlfriend all night long. Noun. To use in an offensive term. EX. You stupid fuck how dare you? The next word to learn is "SHIT." Shit (Sh-it) Verb. To signify proporly removing feces from your body. EX. I took a shit just a few minuets ago! Noun. To signify as an insult relating to something disgusting. EX. You piece of shit! "DAMN" Damn (D-am) Verb. To condemn to hell. EX. Damn you!! Damn you!!! EMPHASIZE IT! EX How could you be so damn stupid! "ASS" Ass (a-ss) Noun. A very stupid animal. Also used refering to your Buttocks and Anus. EX. You can be a real ass sometimes! USE IT TO INSULT YOUR FRIENDS! EX. Your an asshole! FUN TIP: Combine the cuss words to make a more effective insult! EX: I hate you! You are a fucking asshole you piece of ass belonkin shit!!! Well we hope you enjoyed this little guide and we hope it helps you out with your daily vocabulary! Expand your vocab use cuss words!

funniness: 5.26

rating: R