ahley l.

Two men worked on a farm, gutting rabbits to help fight the plague that had infested the town. After making the cut and scooping the guts out, they would then hurl them over their should, over a near by hill. Before long, one of the men needed to answer the call of nature, and went up over the hill to piss. The other man, obliviouse to where the other was, blindly through one of the guts too far behind him, landing directly on the ground between the other mans legs. He didn't think much of it, so he continued gutting. Half an hour or so later, the man gutting the rabbits pondered to where the other had gone. Just as he thought this, the other man came staggering over the hill, white as a ghost. "What the hell happend to you?" he asked. "You wouldn't believe it, but I was busy pissin' right, when I must have strained to hard, because all my guts came out!" The other looked at him strangley. "God, are you alright?" To which he replied, "Yeah, yeah I'm fine now. With the help of god and a wee stick, I managed to get them back in."

funniness: 5.96

rating: R