Kiara U.

An old British lady was going away for a while and she needed someone to watch her house while she was gone. She lived alone with a fat fluffy cat. She called up her blonde 18 yr old grandniece. Before she left she gave the grandniece some instructions. "Keep the house clean and feed my pussy while I'm gone." The niece looked at her surprised. "Feed your pussy?" she asked. "Yes please feed my pussy. She gets very hungry very often. This is where I'll be just in case you need me. Please remember to feed my pussy." answered the old lady. The blonde shrugged and said goodbye to the old lady. The next day, the old lady opened her hotel room door and looked down to see that she had gotten a delivery. She opened the box to find a dildo. She was confused. Who would send her this? She threw it away. The next day the lady got another delivery. She opened the box to find another dildo. She was again confused and she threw it away. The next day the same thing happened. This kept on going for another week and the lady finally called her niece to tell her that she was coming home. When the lady got home she told her niece the story. "I was at the hotel and day after day I continued to receive these plastic penis shaped things." The blonde niece smiled at her accomplishment. Then the old lady smiled and said "And how is my pussy." "I think she is satisfied don't you?" answered the niece. "I'm sure." answered the old lady. Then the old lady went upstairs to find her cat lying bony and dead on the hallway floor. She screamed. The niece went up to see what was wrong. "Oh yeah I've been meaning to call you about that." "I told you to feed my pussy!!!!!" yelled the lady. "I did!!!!!" "THEN WHY IS SHE SO BONEY AND WHY IS SHE DEAD!!!! I TOLD YOU TO FEED THE DAMNED CAT!!!!!" "Oh, thaaaat pussy!"

funniness: 5.52

rating: R