stew p.

Martha Fucker and Angela P. were very good friends. Martha wanted Johnny, her 15-year-old son, to meet Sarah, Angela's daughter. They arranged a meeting at Angela's house and while the kids talked, Martha and Angela went into the other room to have coffee and chat. Sarah eyed Johnny up and decided she wanted him in bed. She lured him into her room, and after a few hours of covincing, she was fucking him. Downstairs, Martha and Angela noticed that they had been talking much too long and that Martha should be heading home. They searched the whole house for their kids but couldn't find them. Finally, they knocked on Sarah's bedroom door to see if they were in there. "Johnny Fucker!" Martha yelled. "I'm trying, mom, I'm trying!" he yelled back. "Sarah P!" Angela cried. "I can't mom, the hole's blocked!"

funniness: 6.34

rating: R