Meir B.

A woman was walking on the beach right after a horrible, divorce, feeling really depressed about the fact that she has nobody, and no job and has to live off alimony, and she kicks this bottle. Out comes a Genie, and he says "I see you are a divorcee, a I hate divorcees! I have been paying me ex alimony for the past 10,000,000 years!!!, however, you did free me, and I will give you a wish, 1 wish, and your ex will get five times as much." She starts thinking what she can ask for that will be good for her and bad for her ex, first she wants to ask for a million dollars, but then realizes that her ex will get five million. then she was going to be the most beautiful person in the world, but then realizes that her ex will look even better. After a long time of thinking she says "I know what I want. I realize that my ex will get 5 times as much, and anyways, I decided that I want to marry a handsome man, and give birth to his child."

funniness: 7.35

rating: PG