Sujman L.

A man picks up a woman at bar and takes her home for sex. After pumping away for a long time, the woman cries, "I need more, I need more!" The man wondering what to do decides to use his fist to fuck the woman. So there he is fisting away, getting as far into her as his elbows! Still the woman cries, "I need more. I need more!" Thinking about it, he decides to use his feet as an alternative! He takes his shoes and socks off, rolls up his trousers and starts pumping away. He does this for quite a while, going as deep as his knees! Finally the woman is satisfied and the man leaves, after a job well done. He wakes up the next morning with a disgusting fungal growth on his knee! Horrified, he goes to see his doctor. Amazed, the doctor says he has "gonorrhoea of the knee!" "How did you get that?" he asks, "I have never seen this before!" The man makes his excuses and leaves quickly with his medication. Limping his way home, the man notices the circus is in town. One of the tents boosts "Dodgy disease, win $10,000." The man enquires and is told that people are invited to show any disgusting diseases they may have, and the person with the worst disease win $10,000. The man shows him his gonorrhoea of the knee. The judge gasps "This is truly disgusting but you have just missed out. The prize has been issued" "Who was is given to?" the man asks enquiringly. "Oh, this lady came in a short while ago. She had 'Athlete's Cunt.'"

funniness: 7.47

rating: R