Crysta R.

One day, a lawyer was riding in his limo and saw two men sitting on the side of the road eating grass. He ordered his driver to stop the limo and stepped outside. "Excuse me," the lawyer started. "May I ask as to why you are consuming that green ... plant?" The skinnier man replied, "We have no money ... we haven't eaten in weeks," the man pulled some grass out of his torn pocket. "This is for my wife and-" The lawyer cut him off. "Come ... Come with me! To my home! You deserve better than this dead dry grass!" The two men looked at each other. The thin one said, "I have a wife and 4 kids," he pointed to his friend, "he has a wife and 8 children! Will you still take us in?" The lawyer gave them a warm smile. "Of course! I feel it is my duty ... Besides the grass at my house is nice and green ... and at least 2 feet tall!!"

funniness: 6.43

rating: G