Zack H.

(NOTE: The following should not actually be attempted in a supermarket or anywhere else, the list is for your entertainment and humor ONLY!) 1) Set up pears and bowl them down with a melon. 2) Bring a hockey stick and shoot an apple between two pears, pick up a watermelon, then hold it up and run around like you won the Stanley Cup. 3) Pick up an apple, take a bite out of it, smile and then put it on the shelf again. 4) Take a couple spoonfuls of yogurt then put it back down. 5) Say "This is my domain" in an evil voice, take a spoon and start flicking blueberry's at customers walking by and laugh in an evil way while crouching down with your back to a shelf. 6) Put watermelons around you and read them a story and show them pictures. (Occasionally yell out "no talking!" or "don't move." 7) Hold somebody up with a banana. 8) Fist a chicken. 9) When walking by a chicken, spaz at it. 10) Tell a chicken you have to break up with it. 11) Bring a baseball bat and hit eggs with it. 12) Put a plastic bag over your face and run around screaming. 13) Stage Nascar crashes with your shopping cart. 14) When you have a full shopping cart, tip it over and yell out "MOM WAS RIGHT, IT FINALLY HAPPENED!" get down on your knees and cry. 15) Walk in with full military equipment on. Tell a clerk your on a coffee break. Throw your jacket into some isle violently when near the door making sure a clerk is watching you and run out crying mommy!" 16) Put a watermelon under your hat and hold it and try and walk out. 17) un up, try and stop the conveyer belt in the check out line and when it doesn't work, yell "BUT MOMMY WHY DOESN'T STOP?!" then run away crying. 18) Rip off the No Shirt No Shoes No Service sign if there is one and walk in with only your boxers on. 19) Try and check out with a shopping cart filled with beer. 20) When buying soda, empty out the cans or bottles into the shopping cart and when it doesn't stay in, chuck the can/bottle. 21) Stick an ice cream cone on your head. 22) Walk around with a straight face chanting "I am a canuck" repeatedly. 23) Go on the intercom and scream "WAAAAAAAAAZZZZZZZUUUUUPPPPPP?????!!" 24) Have a chugging contest. 25) Pretend your an inspector and when pretending you think a product is not acceptable throw it on the floor.

funniness: 5.28

rating: PG