Amy T.

It was Valentine's day and three men, who were very good friends, couldn't decided what to get their wives. After talking a while, they decided that they would meet 3 days prior to Valentine's day to tell eachother what they bought their wives. So, it was 3 days before Valentine's day and each of them came to tell the others what they got their wives. They asked Bob to go first. "I got my wife a diamond neclace and a scarf." The other two men looked at echother puzzled. "Why did you buy the scarf?" "So, that when she goes in public, she can hide her neclace and no one will steal it." Jack went next, "I bought my wife a diamond ring and a glove." The other two looked puzzled, "Why would you buy a glove?" "So that when she goes in public, no one can steal the ring, because it's hidden," explained Jack. "What did you buy your wife?" Asked Bob and Jack. "I bought my wife a pair of shoes, and a vibrater," said Alex. "Why would you buy her a vibrator?" Alex explained, "If my wife doesn't like the shoes, she can go fuck herself."

funniness: 7.11

rating: R