Bob N.

Ted invited his friend Bob, to go to the casino. Bob said, "I don't know anything about gambling. Will you help me?" Ted agreed to help. Off to the Casino they went. When they got there, Bob asked what to do. Ted said, "The roulette wheel is easy and fun. You put your money on a number and if that number comes up, you win." They went to the roulette wheel and Bob asked what number to bet on. Ted asked, "How long have you been married?' "19 years," said Bob. "Well then, bet on 19!" Bob did and the number came up 19 and Bob won! "Let's go again! What number now?" asked Bob. Ted asked how old Bob was. "Well, 43," Bob said. "Bet on 43 then!" Bob did and of course he won again. "One more time," said Bob. "What number now?" Ted asked Bob, "How long is your penis?" Bob said, "Ummm, 7 inches." "Bet on 7 then," said Ted. Bob bet on 7 and the number 3 came up!

funniness: 5.50

rating: R