Deb D.

More delightful verbal prattfalls gleaned from Kermit Schafer's book "Blunderful World of Bloopers." _________________________________________________________________ Aba Daba Honeymoon: An emcee interviewed a young couple who had just come from being married at a Justice of the Peace. He asked, "What is it like to be married?" The blushing bride replied, "I can't hasn't sunk in properly yet." Happy holidays: On behalf of all station personnel, we want to wish you season's greetings and a happy and preposterous New Year!" Make an offer: Political candidate - "If I'm elected, I can promise you the best government money can buy." No class: Teacher - "And now class, we come to the moment we have all been waiting for....a strip film....ooops...I mean a film strip on farming." Taken to the cleaners: Ad for a dry cleaning service - Ladies who drop off their clothes will receive prompt attention. Good thing it's radio: And now we present the homely friend-maker. Bring the bacon: During WWII, women saved drippings and fat from cooking to be recycled. This is when an announcer came up with this double entendre - "Ladies, bring your fat cans down to the corner butcher." Playboy holiday: Emcee - Ma'am, what would be your reaction if your husband told you he was going on a two week fishing trip with a bunny.....I mean buddy!" Give 'em an inch: Emcee - What are you doing in the city? Contestant - I'm on my honeymoon. Emcee - Are you enjoying it? Contestant - Yes, every inch of it. Meanwhile, down on the farm: The chairwoman of the County Breeders Association had announced plans to show her calves to any interested farmers. Don't miss it: Due to the following special program, "The Invisible Man" will not be seen tonight. Binoculars ready: Newscaster - The streakers are at it again and I can't understand this type of behavior. I guess it's just a way to show you're nuts!"

funniness: 6.31

rating: PG