Mickel W.

Two blondes were walking home one day, and suddenly it began to rain. Luckily, a man driving a pickup truck stopped and offered them a ride. He told them that there wasn't room in the cab, because he had two of his friends with him, but that they could sit in the back with his dog and, although they would still get wet, they would get home a lot quicker. The blondes agreed and climbed in. The man started driving, but suddenly a little kid ran in front of the truck, and the driver swerved, and the truck plunged into a lake. The driver and his two friends struggled to open the doors of the truck to get out before they drowned, and when they reached the lake shore, they looked around for the two blondes, but they were nowhere to be found. The driver saw his dog had gotten out just fine, and wondered if the blondes had gotten stuck under the water. Just as the man was about to jump in the water to rescue them, the blondes both surfaced and swam to the shore. Looking confused, the driver asked them what had taken them so long. The blondes answered: "Well duh! We couldn't get out--the tailgate was stuck!!"

funniness: 6.42

rating: G