Recai Y.

lawyer asks question to witness Q:What happened then? A:He said "I will kill you, because you may identify me" to me Q:Did he kill you? *************************************** Q:Do you have a child or something like that? A:oh yes.I have one monkey. *************************************** Q:I show you the third evidence and ask you if you recognize this picture A:yes its my picture Q:were you there while this photo taken? A:Nooo! I was in Guatemela's independence day festivals **************************************** Q:Now Mrs. Johnson, How was your first marriage ended? A:Because of death Q:For whose because of death A:because of Guatemela's president death **************************************** Q:Then you were not there until you return there, is it? A:yeah, I was here, there in somewhere

funniness: 4.65

rating: G