I D.

There was a blonde man who was send to a mental hospital. He had one chance to leave and the condition was to prove he was smart. He was told to think of a science experiment and to demonstrate it to a panel of scientists. One week later, he went to a scientists and and told him he was ready. The scientist walked into a room and the patient followed. He walked to a table and and placed a jar on the table. He unscrewed the lid and pulled out a spider. The scienitst asked, "what are you doing today?" The blonde said, just wait untill I'm finished. The man continues by placing the spider on the table. He said, "spider, forward." The spider walked forward. He said, "spider, backwards." The spider walked backwards. The scientist asked again what he was doing and still he said, "wait till I'm finished." The blonde picked up the spider and pulled off all it's legs. Than placed it back on the table. Then the man said, "spider, forward." The spider did nothing. "Spider, back." Nothing Than the scientist asked again, what was the blonde mad doing. This time the man replied, "When you take a spider's legs off, they don't listen!"

funniness: 5.56

rating: G