Bryan J.

Boudreau and Tibodeau went to Henderson to do a little fishing. They rented a boat and motor and took off. They didn't go far when they hit a stump and the motor fell off in about ten feet of water. Boudreau looked at Tibodeau and say, What we gonna do? Tibodeau look at Boudreau and say, We gotta go down there and get that motor, that's all there is to it, Boudreau. Tibodeau say, Boudreau, you go down there and get the motor and I'll throw this rope over the side so you can pull it if you have trouble. Boudreau say, O.K. And dive in and went straight to the bottom. The water was clear and Tibodeau was watching Boudreau from the boat. A few seconds later Tibodeau sees Boudreau on the bottom pulling the start rope on the motor trying to start it. Tibodeau say, Look at that stupid idiot. He oughta know he can't start the motor that way. Mais, Tibodeau leans over the side of the boat and shouts into the water, Boudreau, CHOKE IT! CHOKE IT!

funniness: 3.85

rating: G