Teri B.

A man is going to work one day and accidentally slams his penis in the car door. He goes to the doctor and the doctor says, "We're going to have to put a splint on that." The guy says, "No way, Doc. I'm getting married in a week." The Doc replies, "Well, if we don't, It's going to be bent for the rest of you life." Finally, the guy agrees and the doctor gets out a couple of tongue depressors and some tape and fixes him up. (a week later, and he's on his honeymoon...) His new wife is doing a slow, seductive strip-tease in front of him. She takes off her bra and says, "See these? They've never been touched by a man before." She then takes off her panties and says, "See this? It's never been seen by a man before." So, the husband whips off his shorts and says, "See this? I'ts not even out of the crate yet!"

funniness: 7.19

rating: R