Jamal H.

Here are 4 simple Questions to check how intelligent you are, don't look ahead. scroll slowly. 1. What weighs more, 10 pounds of water or 10 pounds of rocks? 2. If a electric train is going at 50 mph heading East from West which way would the smoke go? 3. If a rooster sat on a TP roof and laid a egg which way would the egg roll? 4. If it take 5 minutes to dry a t-shirt on a clothes wire, How long would it take to dry 5 t-shirts? Answers: 1. They both weigh TEN pounds. 2. ELECTRIC train has NO smoke. 3. Roosters DON'T lay eggs. 4. It takes 5 MINUTES. (Because you hang them at the same time) Intelligent Rating 4 = Genius 3 = Normal Person 2 = Go back to school 1 = You're stupid deal with it 0 = Just forget you ever took this test

funniness: 7.52

rating: PG